Privacy Policy


  • Visitors are not required to disclose any detailed information as per their limited access restrictions
  • Members are required to disclose to ‘1GIFTWORLD’ their personal information during registration such as full name, birthday, address, gender.
  • The information  pool found in the domain of  ‘1GIFTWORLD’ and handled by/or shared to ‘1GIFTWORLD’ can or will be received via ways such as: the registration information OR information that ‘YOU’ consensually share  with different communities and or parties when making comments and/or product reviews or when sending messages to other communities/parties; information that ‘OTHERS’ consensually share with you when making comments and/or product reviews or when sending messages to other communities/parties, information that ‘YOU’ consensually may choose to share with public in any kind of involvement that you may decide to participate , information that ‘WE’ receive about ‘YOU’ that ‘OTHER’ users may share with or without ‘YOUR’ consent in any kind of involvement that one may participate
  • The information received by ‘1GIFTWORLD’ and handled and/or shared to ‘1GIFTWORLD’  can also happen while users interact with ‘1GIFTWORLD’ and its designated activities such as: while making comments, while posting reviews, photos of products, while purchasing and other activities that are not mentioned here
  • The information received by ‘1GIFTWORLD’ and handled and/or shared to ‘1GIFTWORLD’  can vary from IP address and other associated information about internet type, about “YOU” and ‘YOUR’ internet provider; location information; and ‘YOUR’ browsing interests and/or activities
  • Other information such as any job information; status updates; religious status and updates; political views; comments made to ‘OTHERS’ or comments/reviews made to products; profile and cover photos that you may share from other pages such as Facebook Tweeter etc; user name and the likes; is information that all users including registered users and excluding visitors decide consensually to share when using ‘1GIFTWORLD’
  • Information contents in section: B, par. ii; and information that users only share to their ‘communities’ or registered activities is disclosed consensually by users
  • All information content prescribed in section: B paragraph ii, iii, vi that is disclosed by all members or users and is shared to “YOU” is disclosed willingly by all parties
  • ‘1GIFTWORLD’ is not under any obligation or it is not committing any offence or it is not taking any responsibilities about the information that consensually is disclosed by users and how this information stated on the section: B, par. ii, iii, and vi - will be used by users
  • ‘YOU’ (all users regardless of their status of membership) are responsible how you use all the pool of information that is shared with ‘YOU’ in any way and you are responsible to obey to the T&C, Privacy Policies and all appropriate regulations and/or Laws enforced by local, state and federal Government
  • ‘1GIFTWORLD’ will be responsible all the time how it uses all information that it has received obeying to all regulations and Laws,   not to sale/share to/with third parties.



Name of the company:   1GIFTWORLD


Nature of business:        Merchandise and retail of gift cards, gift vouchers