Hi Everybody
--I have created 1GiftWorld because the passion to create takes over me it does not matter what I do. While my grandmother and my mother tried to teach me knitting, crocheting and other craft when I was very young, I hated every-minute of it as I only liked to read and study (I was and I am madly passionate about exact sciences). I only can laugh at myself as craft and creating has become one of the most important things in life. → → →I am still an avid reader.
-I am a wife, daughter, sister, and an auntie of three wonderful kidos. I am a nurse, mental health nurse, I have studied management and accounting at Monash Uni. -I love, help and champion my patients. -My pride is not only my family, my pride is my friends, my teachers, my colleagues, my acquaintances and all the people that I have dealt with during all my life--as I can say it for sure that I am one of the most privileged ones to have met such wonderful people from all over the world. -I like to put a smile on a face and re-mind people to love themselves and love each other. I like to promote LOVE, PEACE and MULTICULTURALISM.
----I like to create, produce and put together unique gifts to bring them to you-I create unique fashion pieces such as jewellery, beanies fashion accessories, etc ---- -My brand is moving to a UNIQUE CONSCIOUS FASHION-- as: -----I love Earth, People and Animals -- I am a new vegan and I am loving every bit of it. -----I intend to employ people in need, I engage in community projects, I engage in reducing waste individually and I am merging my brand to do that → → → I reuse materials to re-create, and I up-style beautiful vintage pieces or new ones to your custom flavour. I am learning new things to be more conscious and to make my brand as one. → → 1GiftWorld creates the gifts for you the customer. The creation brings you the GIFT OF LOVE, CARE and PEACE.